Closed Circuit Television
 Added Security
Loss Prevention
Remote Viewing
Have you ever had a slip and fall claim?  Maybe your store has been  threatened by robbery.  Did you know that almost 50% of retailer's  inventory shrinkage is attributed to employee theft?  

Utilizing  a surveillance system is one way to know what happened and when.  It  helps deter drive offs at gas stations, decreases the likelihood of  crime occurring and discourages employee theft.  It can help you, your  employees and your customers feel better about working or shopping in  your establishment. 

In Home Technologies can suggest different options to custom fit your  needs, install and support off the shelf products or offer a customized  Surveillance DVR System with direct ties to YOUR Point of Sales Systems and Manager Training is included. 


Point of Sales

More detail coming soon!  



  • Primary High Speed Internet Connection
  • Backup High Speed Internet Connection 
  • Ideal for Remote Locations outside of other service provider's networks


  • Multi Screen Configurations 
  • Lottery and Gaming Systems
  • PDA Remote Control
  • Wi-Fi Networking
  • Standard Satellite Programming Providers

In Home Technologies can provide, install and maintain your Satellite  Data and Entertainment systems.  Whether you need a new one or have  existing service that you want to upgrade or have issues with, we can  help.


Low Voltage Structural Wiring 

You  wouldn't build a home or office without electrical wiring would you?   Low Voltage Structural Wiring offers potential buyers the added value of  knowing that any electronics systems they decide to take advantage of  can be installed and configured in a clean, efficient way.  In Home  Technologies will design and install custom wiring that will offer users  simple quick access to: 

  • Home Theater 
  • Surveillance
  • Security 
  • Telephones 
  • Computers and networking 
  • Intercom 
  • Whole Home (Building) Audio 
  • Satellite Data and Entertainment Systems

Contact  us to schedule an appointment with one of our sales consultants and see  how we can add to the value of your newly built homes and office  buildings.