Home Theater Systems 


  • Rooftop Antennas 
  • Cable Providers 
  • DVR's 
  • Internet TV
  • Satellite TV Installation and Service 

Where is your television signal coming from?  Maybe you're paying a  monthly charge and would prefer another alternative.  Perhaps you only  have local programming and would like more.

Have you ever wanted to surf the web or watch videos from your laptop on  your bigscreen TV but don't know how?  We can set that up and teach you  how to use it! 

In Home Technologies can help convert the signal source for your  television(s) whether you want a roof top antenna to reduce those  monthly costs or are considering which provider will best suit your  budget and viewing preferences?  

We can mount a roof top antenna, help choose the right provider for your  needs or configure a system that will allow you to watch whatever you  want whenever you want. 


  • LCD, LED, Plasma 
  • Flat Mount, Tilt, Pull Out, Articulating 
  • Concealed Cabling and Wiring 
  • Hidden Electrical Outlets 

So you just purchased a great new high  def flat screen TV, brought it home, took it out of the  package and now  you would like to set it up.  Are you going to set it on a stand?   Perhaps mount it on the wall?  But how do you connect all those  wires and how do you hide them so they aren't a cluttered distraction?   How do I get past that start up menu? 

In Home Technologies can help you decide which TV is best for your  environment.  We can help decide how to mount it, conceal the wiring  inside the wall, schedule an electrician to install an electrical  receptacle and much more. 

Call us today to get the most elegant television set up for your home.


Your video set up is perfect.  But what about the audio?  Is it lacking  the "BOOM" that could turn your TV into a true theater experience? 

Do you have an existing system or are you shopping for one?  How do you  configure and connect them for the optimal audio experience so you can't  see all those wires?  In Home Technologies can help you choose  the system that will be the best fit for your home theater layout and  budget or install your existing systems leaving a clean professional  look. 

See if we can help improve your audio and overall home theater experience.

Internet, Laptop and Desktop Computers

Technology  is improving daily.  Maybe you're considering replacing your existing  computer or even purchasing one for the first time.  Then, do you know  how to use it?  How do you hook it up to the internet, printer, video  camera or other peripherals?  

In Home Technologies can help determine the best fit for your needs and budget, take care of the connections  and even educate you on how to navigate basic programs or provide more  in depth training on specific programs, components and resources.

Voice Communications

 No Dial Tone
Static in the line
Add a Fax Line
Add Another Telephone Line
Organize and Upgrade Existing Systems
From wiring telephone land lines to cellular and smart phone devices and  plans, In Home Technologies can help choose the provider and devices  that best fit your needs.

Home Surveillance

Protecting your  home with closed circuit TV cameras is one of the best deterants  available.  Record, store and view images real time from any location  with internet or with your smart phone.  In Home Technologies can  install and configure one or more video cameras and educate you on how  to monitor your home giving you peace of mind.

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